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RemoteAccess allows to access the local computer by internet using mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting directly at your computer. RemoteAccess supports dial up connections - so, no need for internet providers, lease lines. You just call the phone number your ISDN card or modem is connected to and start the internet connection by inputting a PIN. This will start the web server, the ftp server, the dial up connection and will send an email with the actual internet access to your desktop or your ftp server. You can download/upload files to your computer using the internet explorer or the included FTP client.
The additional answering machine allows to check your voice messages by phone, to forward voice messages by mail or to get a notification by SMS, if a new voice message arrives.

RemoteDesktop (WebServer + RemoteDesktopServer + answering machine) RemoteDesktop corresponds to the version of RemoteAccess but the FTP Server is not included.

RemoteFtp (FTP Server + answering machine) RemoteFtp corresponds to the version of RemoteAccess but the WEB Server and the remote access to the desktop is not included.